More Butterflies!

Our Monarch butterflies have been busy hatching from their chrysalis. We have now had five butterflies (four females and one male) and more will be hatching soon. After they hatch we have been releasing them into the garden and it is lovely to see so many butterflies fluttering about in the school yard ­čÖé   […]

Ant Documentary

The pre-primary and year one children in room 21 have been busy making a documentary to show all the things┬áthey┬áhave learnt about ants. Together we made a list of all the facts we have learnt about ants. Then we had to write about and illustrate the information. Next, we had to practise our ‘lines’ so […]

Slithering Snails

The year ones have been busy studying some of the different animals found in the schoolyard. Last week they observed and learnt about snails. We discovered many new things, like: A snail’s body is called a ‘foot’. Snails have four ‘tentacles’, two with eyes on them and two to help them feel. Snails can not […]

Mealworm Mania!

The year two classes are learning about GROWING AND CHANGING this term. As part of their studies they have been observing the growth and changes in a mealworm’s lifecycle. So far we have learnt that mealworms are actually the larva of the Darkling beetle. We have watched the mealworms grow and moult their skins as […]