Scitech Space Dome Visit

Last term Scitech brought its inflatable Space Dome to school. The year threes fives and ESC classes were lucky enough to visit the space dome and have a chance to see stars, planets and other objects in our night sky.     All the classes behaved wonderfully and amazed the Scitech staff with their knowledge […]

Scientific Method

Recently, the year three and four classes are being introduced to the SCIENTIFIC METHOD. We have been discussing the process that scientists follow when they plan and carry out investigations.   In particular, we have been learning about VARIABLES. Variables are all the things in an investigation that could change and effect the outcome of the […]

Water Corporation Visit

The year twos were lucky enough to have a visitor from the Water Corporation come to talk to them about where our water supply comes from and what happens to our waste water. We talked about where all the drains inside our house are, like; the bath, shower, sink, floor drains, toilets, washing machines and […]

The Solar System

The year five classes are now starting to learn about our solar system. They will be learning about all the different planets and objects that orbit around our star, the sun. In the coming weeks they will be making a model to represent our solar system.  Click on the link below to go to a […]

The Water Cycle

The year twos are learning all about our precious resource water this term. They have been investigating where we use water and what we use it for at school. They have also been learning about how water gets to our taps and the water cycle. This week we conducted an experiment to investigate how the […]

Studying Soils

The year four classes have been busy lately collecting samples of soil from different places across Western Australia to study in class. We were particularly looking for what soils are made up of.  This week we used magnifying lens and microscopes to carefully examine the samples and describe their properties.         We found out that […]

Unearthing Earthquakes!

This week the year sixes were learning about the different layers within the Earth and what causes earthquakes. The Earth has four main layers as seen in the diagram below.    Earthquakes are caused when the tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust move. The tectonic plates float on the magma that flows through the mantle […]