National Science Week

Recently our school celebrated National Science Week. Over two weeks the classes worked really hard on activities about ‘light’ to align with this year’s theme ‘Making Waves: The Science of Light’. All this great work culminated with an Interactive Science Display in the undercover area on Friday 21st of August.   All the classes came […]


As a part of National Science Week activities I have been working with all the classes on topics about light. I have also been lucky enough to visit the Kindy and Pre-Primary classes and teach some fun Science with their students.  This week the Kindy and Year 2 classes have been learning about rainbows. In […]

Learning About Light

This term the year fives are learning about ‘light’. We have learnt that: Light travels in waves. The waves travel in a straight path. When light hits a reflective surface it bounces off in another direction. We have been trying out a few different activities to observe how light behaves in different situations and test out […]

Leap Motion

This week we got a new ‘toy’ in the Science Lab. It is the Leap Motion controller. This magic controller makes the space between you and the computer three-dimensional and interactive. It enables us to interact with the computer programs without touching anything.   How does it work? The Leap Motion controller is a small […]

Electricity and Circuits

This term the year sixes are learning about electrical energy and this week we were studying how electrical circuits work.    A circuit is a closed path or loop around which an electric current flows.   A circuit is usually made by linking electrical components together with pieces of wire cable. Thus, in a flashlight, there […]