Welcome 2016!

Welcome 2016 and a new school year! This term we will be studying Biology across the school. The topics covered in the different year levels will be:   Year 1 – Bugs! Year 2 – Growing and Changing – The life stages of animals Year 3 – Classification of Living Things Year 4 – Lifecycle […]

Investigating Changes

This term we are learning about chemical sciences. The year sixes are learning about physical and chemical changes to matter. This week they had to investigate a series of samples in a ‘mess scene’. There were eight different samples and they had to make observations about all the samples and try to describe what changes […]

Electricity and Circuits

This term the year sixes are learning about electrical energy and this week we were studying how electrical circuits work.    A circuit is a closed path or loop around which an electric current flows.   A circuit is usually made by linking electrical components together with pieces of wire cable. Thus, in a flashlight, there […]

Unearthing Earthquakes!

This week the year sixes were learning about the different layers within the Earth and what causes earthquakes. The Earth has four main layers as seen in the diagram below.    Earthquakes are caused when the tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust move. The tectonic plates float on the magma that flows through the mantle […]

Yummy Yoghurt!

As part of their studies about micro-organisms the year sixes learnt about bacteria. We learnt that although some bacteria can make us sick, most bacteria helps us. Bacteria in our digestive system helps us to break down and digest food. Did you know that about 60% of your poop is made up of dead bacteria? We used yoghurt […]

Yeast Feast!

This term the year 6 classes are learning about ‘Marvellous Micro-organisms’ in Biological Sciences.  So far we have learnt that micro-organisms are a group of microscopic living organisms like fungi, viruses and bacteria. Did you know that there are more micro-organisms living inside your mouth than there are people in the entire world?? We learnt […]