Welcome 2016!

Welcome 2016 and a new school year! This term we will be studying Biology across the school. The topics covered in the different year levels will be:   Year 1 – Bugs! Year 2 – Growing and Changing – The life stages of animals Year 3 – Classification of Living Things Year 4 – Lifecycle […]

Freeze It!

This term the year three classes have been learn about the properties of solids and liquids. We have also been learning about how heating or cooling down solids and liquids can make them change.   We investigated and described the properties of different solids and liquids at different temperatures. First we described them at room […]

Scitech Space Dome Visit

Last term Scitech brought its inflatable Space Dome to school. The year threes fives and ESC classes were lucky enough to visit the space dome and have a chance to see stars, planets and other objects in our night sky.     All the classes behaved wonderfully and amazed the Scitech staff with their knowledge […]