Welcome 2016!

Welcome 2016 and a new school year! This term we will be studying Biology across the school. The topics covered in the different year levels will be:   Year 1 – Bugs! Year 2 – Growing and Changing – The life stages of animals Year 3 – Classification of Living Things Year 4 – Lifecycle […]

Helicopter Fun

The year two students have been learning about different forces. Forces can make things move, stop moving or change direction. Recently, we have been learning about how air pushes on things as they move through it. This is called ‘air resistance’.    Air resistance pushes against objects to slow them down. We demonstrated how a […]


As a part of National Science Week activities I have been working with all the classes on topics about light. I have also been lucky enough to visit the Kindy and Pre-Primary classes and teach some fun Science with their students.  This week the Kindy and Year 2 classes have been learning about rainbows. In […]

Water Corporation Visit

The year twos were lucky enough to have a visitor from the Water Corporation come to talk to them about where our water supply comes from and what happens to our waste water. We talked about where all the drains inside our house are, like; the bath, shower, sink, floor drains, toilets, washing machines and […]

The Water Cycle

The year twos are learning all about our precious resource water this term. They have been investigating where we use water and what we use it for at school. They have also been learning about how water gets to our taps and the water cycle. This week we conducted an experiment to investigate how the […]

Mealworm Mania!

The year two classes are learning about GROWING AND CHANGING this term. As part of their studies they have been observing the growth and changes in a mealworm’s lifecycle. So far we have learnt that mealworms are actually the larva of the Darkling beetle. We have watched the mealworms grow and moult their skins as […]