Welcome 2016!

Welcome 2016 and a new school year! This term we will be studying Biology across the school. The topics covered in the different year levels will be:   Year 1 – Bugs! Year 2 – Growing and Changing – The life stages of animals Year 3 – Classification of Living Things Year 4 – Lifecycle […]

Squiggly Spaghetti

This term the year ones are learning to use their senses to make observations in Science. We have been using our senses to describe some of the properties of familiar foods. We are observing the foods in their different states and then talking about how they have changed, for example, when they are frozen, melted […]

Ant Documentary

The pre-primary and year one children in room 21 have been busy making a documentary to show all the things they have learnt about ants. Together we made a list of all the facts we have learnt about ants. Then we had to write about and illustrate the information. Next, we had to practise our ‘lines’ so […]

Slithering Snails

The year ones have been busy studying some of the different animals found in the schoolyard. Last week they observed and learnt about snails. We discovered many new things, like: A snail’s body is called a ‘foot’. Snails have four ‘tentacles’, two with eyes on them and two to help them feel. Snails can not […]