Minimising Erosion

The year fours have been learning about erosion this term.  Part of this has been learning about ways to minimise erosion in our environment.  We set up an investigation to look at how some of these suggestions can help reduce the amount of erosion that happens. Our question for investigation was: What happens to the […]

Banana Piano!

This week I was playing with the MaKey MaKey I just bought and decided to make a fun, interactive activity for the classes that would teach them a little about electrical circuits.   So… I did some searching on Pinterest and found the BANANA PIANO! Basically, you hook the MaKey MaKey up to your computer […]

Welcome 2016!

Welcome 2016 and a new school year! This term we will be studying Biology across the school. The topics covered in the different year levels will be:   Year 1 – Bugs! Year 2 – Growing and Changing – The life stages of animals Year 3 – Classification of Living Things Year 4 – Lifecycle […]

Science Club

 Post by Kaylah & Ambrose   December 2015 After school on a Thursday there is a program for year 3 -6’s called Science Club. This year we have been learning about all different things and experiments, Some things we have been doing include: M&M tube rockets, Holograms, Testing our own bubble mixture, 3D Printing, Milk Fireworks […]

Squiggly Spaghetti

This term the year ones are learning to use their senses to make observations in Science. We have been using our senses to describe some of the properties of familiar foods. We are observing the foods in their different states and then talking about how they have changed, for example, when they are frozen, melted […]

More Butterflies!

Our Monarch butterflies have been busy hatching from their chrysalis. We have now had five butterflies (four females and one male) and more will be hatching soon. After they hatch we have been releasing them into the garden and it is lovely to see so many butterflies fluttering about in the school yard 🙂   […]

Freeze It!

This term the year three classes have been learn about the properties of solids and liquids. We have also been learning about how heating or cooling down solids and liquids can make them change.   We investigated and described the properties of different solids and liquids at different temperatures. First we described them at room […]


This week our first Monarch butterfly hatched out of its chrysalis!! Throughout this term we have been watching the Monarchs since they were tiny little eggs laid underneath the leaves of a milkweed plant.   We have watched tiny caterpillars hatch from the eggs and grow into big, fat caterpillars that eat a lot.   […]

Investigating Changes

This term we are learning about chemical sciences. The year sixes are learning about physical and chemical changes to matter. This week they had to investigate a series of samples in a ‘mess scene’. There were eight different samples and they had to make observations about all the samples and try to describe what changes […]

Helicopter Fun

The year two students have been learning about different forces. Forces can make things move, stop moving or change direction. Recently, we have been learning about how air pushes on things as they move through it. This is called ‘air resistance’.    Air resistance pushes against objects to slow them down. We demonstrated how a […]