Science Club

 Post by Kaylah & Ambrose


December 2015

After school on a Thursday there is a program for year 3 -6’s called Science Club. This year we have been learning about all different things and experiments, Some things we have been doing include: M&M tube rockets, Holograms, Testing our own bubble mixture, 3D Printing, Milk Fireworks and recently we have been making volcanoes. Every year in science club we participate in the STAWA Science Talent Search. Earlier this year we went to SciTech and it was awesome!


How to make a M&M tube rocket

IMG_2024[1]What you need:

Tube of M&Ms

Fizzy tablets

a tray


and DON’T forget safety goggles

First you have to empty the M&M tube aka eat all the M&Ms, then remove the lid, then pour as much water as you think you need, put 1/4 to 1/2 of a fizzy tablet into the tube (we found 1/4 tablet and 1/4 water the best). Quickly put on the lid shake it vigorously, turn it upside down in the tray stand back and watch it explode! 

Here are some other photos from the fun things we have done during Science Club in 2015.

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