Banana Piano!

This week I was playing with the MaKey MaKey I just bought and decided to make a fun, interactive activity for the classes that would teach them a little about electrical circuits.


So… I did some searching on Pinterest and found the BANANA PIANO! Basically, you hook the MaKey MaKey up to your computer and then connect some bananas (or other things that are conductive) to the MaKey MaKey. Then with a bit of computer coding you have a banana piano.


The children had a lot of fun playing the banana piano (or whatever instrument we changed it to) and enjoyed experimenting with ways to make it work. They very quickly found out that if you didn’t make a complete circuit by holding the earth cable then the banana piano wouldn’t work.



One of the classes then experimented with using people instead of bananas to make a piano and the ‘People Piano’ was made.


Have a look at this video some of the students playing the ‘people piano’.



If you want to find out more about MaKey MaKey click here.

I used Scratch to program my banana piano. If you want to find out more about Scratch click here.

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