Squiggly Spaghetti

This term the year ones are learning to use their senses to make observations in Science. We have been using our senses to describe some of the properties of familiar foods. We are observing the foods in their different states and then talking about how they have changed, for example, when they are frozen, melted or heated. We have found out that when foods change states they have different properties. For example, an icy pole is hard but when we heat it up it melts and becomes runny.


One activity we did was to investigate the properties of cooked and raw spaghetti. We had a lot of fun playing and investigating the squiggly cooked spaghetti and making towers with the hard raw spaghetti. We discovered that once spaghetti is cooked it changes to become soft and bendy.


Check out some photos of us investigating spaghetti 🙂


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