More Butterflies!

Our Monarch butterflies have been busy hatching from their chrysalis. We have now had five butterflies (four females and one male) and more will be hatching soon. After they hatch we have been releasing them into the garden and it is lovely to see so many butterflies fluttering about in the school yard 🙂



Some of the classes have been very lucky to be in the Science Lab at the right time and witness the wonder of the caterpillar completing its final moult and transforming into a chrysalis, as well as the butterfly hatching from the chrysalis. It is very exciting and quite magical to watch the processes in real life. 

We have also been lucky enough to be able to film this in class.  Check out the two video clips below showing one of our caterpillars transforming into a chrysalis and a butterfly hatching.





10 thoughts on “More Butterflies!

  1. That was cool because we didn’t know that butterflies wiggle out of their skin. They looked very weird when they got out.

  2. It’s cool how we got to see the butterflies. They are so pretty and it must have been cool seeing the caterpillars turn into a chrysalis.

  3. It was amazing how the butterfly hatched but it looked weird that it had a big body and small wings.

  4. The caterpillar was making a chrysalis but then the caterpillar turned into a butterfly.

  5. As I saw the butterfly hatching I thought of how many butterflies I’ve seen out when I walk to school.

  6. Hey Mrs Thomson, I absolutely loved your videos, especially when you videoed the butterfly hatching.

  7. I’ve seen some caterpillars and butterflies when I got to school or when I’m home but I’ve never seen a chrysalis before.

  8. Harley and I thought it was extraordinary seeing the butterfly come out of the chrysalis. The caterpillar went crazy when it went into the chrysalis.

  9. We thought it was very exciting. We want to see a real butterfly hatch. It is awesome that we got to see these clips and it is so exciting that you have animals in the Science Lab.

    • Fingers crossed one of the other chrysalis will hatch when your class is in the Lab 🙂

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