This week our first Monarch butterfly hatched out of its chrysalis!!

IMG_1536[1]Throughout this term we have been watching the Monarchs since they were tiny little eggs laid underneath the leaves of a milkweed plant.



We have watched tiny caterpillars hatch from the eggs and grow into big, fat caterpillars that eat a lot.



They then changed into chrysalis, where they stayed quietly while they transformed into an adult Monarch butterfly.





Finally, the first one has hatched and all the classes have been very excited watching the process as the caterpillar grows and transforms into a beautiful butterfly.





Watch the YouTube clip below to find out more about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies.

23 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. We enjoyed it when the butterfly hatched from the chrysalis. The best part is that we got to see it happen twice.

    • Your class was very lucky that you got to see the butterfly hatching twice. It must be because you are so quiet and hard working.

  2. We liked watching the butterfly hatch from its chrysalis. It was nice to see it shed its skin.

  3. I liked when the butterfly hatched. I also liked when the caterpillar went into the chrysalis.

  4. It was amazing watching the butterfly hatching. It was very interesting and cool.

  5. We enjoyed watching the butterfly hatching because we had never seen it before and it was amazing!

  6. We enjoyed learning about butterflies and how when they are little they go into a little shell called a chrysalis. I liked it because they are so pretty and look cool inside the chrysalis.

  7. We liked watching the butterflies hatch because it was awesome and fascinating!

  8. why does the caterpillar enter the chrysalis with its head at the top but then hatch with the head at the bottom?

    • Hi Joey & Kaellum
      The caterpillar hangs upside down when it is ready to turn into a chrysalis so its head is at the bottom not the top.

  9. We liked it when you showed us pictures of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

  10. We liked the part when it hatches. We enjoyed when the butterfly breaks free.

  11. We liked when the butterflies hatched and they look pretty. We also liked when the caterpillars make a chrysalis and then turn into butterflies.

  12. I liked the butterflies when they hatched because they looked beautiful and gorgeous.

  13. I especially love the chrysalis of the monarch butterfly.when it hatches it is interesting how the they are able to split through the chrysalis when they hatch. It is fascinating the life cycle of a butterfly.

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