As a part of National Science Week activities I have been working with all the classes on topics about light. I have also been lucky enough to visit the Kindy and Pre-Primary classes and teach some fun Science with their students. 

This week the Kindy and Year 2 classes have been learning about


In the Kindy classes we have been learning about all the colours that make up the rainbow and reading a great book called ‘Roy G Biv’ to help us remember them. We looked at rainbows on a CD and wore special rainbow fireworks classes that break up the white light we see into all the colours of the rainbow. Then we made Roy G Biv with rainbow hair and rainbows with beads.

IMG_1139  IMG_1142  IMG_1141



In year two the classes have been learning about how white light is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow and when they mix together they make white light. We learnt how rainbows are seen when a prism breaks up the light into all its colours. Droplets of rain in the air act like prisms and that is why we see rainbows when the sun comes out after rain.


We used a torch and a CD to ‘catch’ a rainbow on a piece of white paper and then drew diagrams showing the rainbow spectrum that makes up white light.

 IMG_1299  catching rainbows


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