Water Corporation Visit

The year twos were lucky enough to have a visitor from the Water Corporation come to talk to them about where our water supply comes from and what happens to our waste water.


We talked about where all the drains inside our house are, like; the bath, shower, sink, floor drains, toilets, washing machines and dish washers. All these drains carry waste water from our homes, through pipes and to the Waste Treatment Facilities. Our presenter explained to us how they clean and treat the water so it can be used for other purposes.

waterWe even got to make a ‘model’ of waste water. We discussed what types of things might end up in the water, like; food, toilet paper, soap, etc. We then added some of these things to our own water and mixed it up to make waste water. It looked very yucky and dirty. The presenter then showed us pictures of how they clean the water to make it nice again.


Lastly, we talked about what things should and should not go down the drains. We played a game where we sorted items into the bin, toilet or drain. 

We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about waste water.

4 thoughts on “Water Corporation Visit

    • It was yucky, wasn’t it Lana? That teaches us why we have to be very careful about what goes down the drains.

  1. I rember this I did it last year it is a really sad about what hapens to the water

    • Why is it sad? Because it gets so dirty when people put things they shouldn’t down the drain?

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