Studying Soils

The year four classes have been busy lately collecting samples of soil from different places across Western Australia to study in class. We were particularly looking for what soils are made up of.  This week we used magnifying lens and microscopes to carefully examine the samples and describe their properties. 

IMG_0565  IMG_0572



All the different colours of the soil samples.

All the different colours of the soil samples.

We found out that soil is made up of:

  • sand
  • small rocks
  • silt
  • animal droppings
  • plant matter
  • animal matter
  • insects
  • air
  • water



Some of the students got to venture over to Sloan’s Reserve where we carefully collected a sample of soil from the wetlands area to send to University of Western Australia’s ‘Microblitz’ science program. This soil sample will be tested to find out what different micro organisms it contains. This helps the university to build a picture of soil quality in W.A.

IMG_0608          IMG_0612


Our soil sample location                                                           Collecting and bagging the sample

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